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The Worlds most Objective Hiring Platform

Leveraging AI and Data Science to reduce Bias for more Diverse and Inclusive Hiring

Platform Feature Overview

  • Marketplace for third party Apps

  • CV Library integration

  • Beamery integration

  • Greenhouse integration

  • Hiretual integration

  • Create and manage departments

  • Create and manage hiring teams

  • Custom applicant tagging

  • Custom scorecards

  • Pre-screening questions

  • Multiple choice question assessments

  • AI sourcing, ranking & scoring

  • AI Hiring SaaS Solution

  • Talent pool management

  • RPA automated workflow

  • Manage interview workflow

  • Add collaborators for jobs

  • Search internal talent pool

  • Manage users

  • Manage group companies

  • Automated Video Screening

  • Hybrid Video and text Assessments

  • Manage staffing agencies

  • Recruiter dashboard with analytics

  • Integrated interview workflow

  • Unlimited video interviews

  • LinkedIn and Chrome extensions

  • Smart offer management

  • Smart interview scheduler

  • Interview timeline and comments

  • Company microsite

  • Smart scheduler for candidate interviews

Inclusive Hiring Features

When using the AI Recruiter platform, recruiters can enable Inclusive Hiring which includes features such as:

CV Masking – Candidate personal information are masked to increase focus on the candidate’s capabilities instead of their personal information.

Skill-based Shortlisting – The system focuses on hiring candidates with relevant skillsets rather than for factors such as their education or social background, ethnicity or gender, just to mention a few.

Objective Reference Checks objective approach removes subjectivity from references.

Video Masking – masking AI’s video responses on ROOM, an AI-enriched  video interview platform, until it is rated by prospective employers, focusing recruiter’s attention on the content.

The Big Data-based Scientific approach boasts over 100m profiles across industries and regions, to make AI scoring objective and scalable.

Pride Parade Overhead
Shaking Hands
Enhanced mass hiring and selection via AI-powered, scoring and ranking talents

The SaaS platform saves significant time and cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring. We use AI and Machine Learning to source, score and rank talent to identify the best-fit candidate for each company and role based on patented algorithms in 3 key areas:

- CV Relevance
- Predictive Performance
- Predictive Loyalty

The platform also allows bulk hiring through:
Automated Candidate Sourcing
via AI Sourcing

The AI Recruiter also allows companies to source for the best fit candidates for their roles. The SaaS Platform technology developer and host, X0PA AI, is integrated with third party providers to enhance its candidate sourcing capabilities. Companies can thus get access to more than 750 million profiles, ultimately funneling the best-fit candidates directly into their ATS.

The AI Recruiter can source for candidates from more than 40 platforms from the open web such as: LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, Hiretual and many more

Screenshot 2021-02-25 135225.jpg

Bulk Importing and editing of jobs

Bulk interviews

Define resource & position taxonomy and enter resource deployment

Define selection parameters on incoming CVs

Screenshot 2021-02-25 142504.jpg
Automated Job Matching & Candidate Recommendations via AI-Powered Retargeting

With the AI Recruiter platform, companies can tap into their talent pool, rediscover candidates in their existing talent pool and retarget them for current or future roles that they are best suited for.

The AI scores candidates in the existing talent pool based on X0PA’s patented algorithms and recommends candidates who are a strong fit for the open roles in a company.

Enhanced Employer Branding and Candidate Engagement

The AI Recruiter deployed can be white-labelled to maintain corporate branding. Candidate engagement via emails can be personalised and automated for a seamless candidate experience with minimal effort and human intervention.


The AI Recruiter also enables companies to nurture and engage with their talent pools, building candidate loyalty to companies and enhancing their employer branding.

Business Meeting


About X0pA AI RPO Solution

We had to move away from our previous CRM as it was bulky, slow loading and low on intelligence gathering and quite manual…. We now have a solution that is working for us …. its intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team

About Leadership of Ai Sourcing

one of those rare recruitment partners you wish everyone could be - one of the very best that you want to use exclusively and selfishly. opening up avenues to Asia and The East and also the Australian markets that have allowed us to make placements in markets we couldn't possibly have even dreamt about

About the Sourcing Solution

....... has been able to maximize our time as well as my hiring manager’s.

You aggregate data from so many different avenues on the web as opposed to a tool like LinkedIn, which I haven’t been as successful with

Dr Ian MacDonald.jpg

Ethical Ai Endorsement of X0pa
AI Recruiter Technology

Microsoft is excited to see that X0pa has built an Ai for Recruitment that ensures the best candidate is selected for the job, and it removes unconscious bias from the process. Their Proven Technology takes a wide range of factors into its model which mean that employees are also well matched to the job ensuring happier, better performing employees and longer retention. Having a diverse workforce has been proven to improve company financials and X0pa helps companies Achieve this.

Dr. Ian McDonald, CTO in Residence, Microsoft.

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